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The Azure Window no longer exists!

When a few days ago I read that Azure Window – one of Malta’s major natural landmarks – plunged forever into the sea, inevitably I thought I made a good choice when I chose to visit Malta.

Malta has long been a destination I very much wanted to discover, but which I have deferred for years, in favor of other unknown realms. Until last year, when the desire to visit Malta returned. I could not tell you what suddenly made me reconsider this tiny Mediterranean island; the fact is I have reached Malta in December last year, in what tour operators call “the low season”.

I confess that the disappearance of the Azure Window of Gozo Island in Malta has saddened me deeply, especially because I was there and I admired the angry waves of the Mediterranean powerfully striking the beautiful limestone arch. For almost 500 years the sea has shaped incessantly the Azure Window, which was formed after the collapse of two marine caves.

Although close to the former Azure Window there were signs prohibiting the access on top of it for tourists and boats were not allowed to sail underneath the arch, I have never thought that a few months later Azure Window will only be history. Some of the articles I have read about this unfortunate event mentioned that indication were often ignored by tourists who did not hesitate to climb the Azure Window, completely defying the warnings, the danger or even a possible fine.

For those of you who have not had the chance to see the Mediterranean through Malta’s Azure Window, unfortunately, now it’s too late. All I can do is leave you with some photographs taken at sunset in Gozo, 3 months ago, when I did not suspect the Azure Window was too frail to keep on delighting us for many years more.

Azure Window

Azure Window - Malta

Azure Window - Malta

On March 8, the Mediterranean claimed without hesitation its masterpiece, painstakingly carved over five centuries.


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