I rarely write about my tourists. Today, however, I feel that I need to share this story with you. So, there is a travel agency that constantly books me to do tours for Vietnamese groups. I do not speak Vietnamese, therefore I do the tours in English and the tour leaders who accompany the groups […]


Last week I told you how I found Lisbon in May, we wandered its streets covered in “calçada” and lined with jacaranda trees in blossom, we crossed the bridges over Tagus river and we stopped at Pasteis de Belem, to enjoy the tasty egg tarts – pasteis de nata. And if all that did not […]

Lisbon view

  “Oh Lisbon, old city, Full of enchantment and beauty! Always smiling, so well shaped And in dressing always airy. The white veil of longing Covers your face, oh wonderful princess! “ Like that used to sing Amalia Rodrigues with her consuming voice, bringing together the past and the present. Lisbon is indeed a city […]

Azure Window - Malta

When a few days ago I read that Azure Window – one of Malta’s major natural landmarks – plunged forever into the sea, inevitably I thought I made a good choice when I chose to visit Malta. Malta has long been a destination I very much wanted to discover, but which I have deferred for years, […]

I have to say many of my friends showed skepticism when I told them I was traveling to Myanmar. For some of them Myanmar is a completely unknown land and for others is one of those places that do not sound safe enough to travel to. Travel agencies do not bother to advertise Myanmar much, […]

Definitely not boring! Lots of people say that São Paulo has nothing interesting for a tourist. I had the chance to spend 28 hours in São Paulo and, as usual, I took the opportunity with excitement. I tried to get some advice from “connoisseurs” regarding what I could do in São Paulo in one day, […]

Maldives, the winner! Last April we took a week off and planned to go somewhere not very far, to get some rest and change the desert landscape of the UAE. Our first thoughts went towards Sri Lanka, as the capital city, Colombo, is less than 5h flight away from Dubai. Therefore, I started to do […]

Throughout the years, during my travels, I came across many people, belonging to different parts of the world and to very different cultures. The best outcome of all these experiences abroad can be summed up in a very short sentence: I learned a lot! I enjoy discovering the world and I truly believe that traveling […]