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#I ❤ Lisbon! (I)

  “Oh Lisbon, old city, Full of enchantment and beauty! Always smiling, so well shaped And in dressing always airy. The white veil of longing Covers your face, oh wonderful princess! “ Like that used to sing Amalia Rodrigues with her consuming voice, bringing together the past and the present. Lisbon is indeed a city… Read More #I ❤ Lisbon! (I)

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Sicily: a few “post-holiday” impressions and one photo only

I’m somewhat amazed now, after visiting Sicily, to have delayed for so long this journey. Or I shall rather say that I’ve always chosen to visit other and other places, without even thinking that Sicily could be the most beautiful and inspiring island one could visit, at a stone’s throw from nearly anywhere in Europe.… Read More Sicily: a few “post-holiday” impressions and one photo only


Hachikō – a dog’s tale

What is the spot you would not like to miss when visiting Tokyo? I can tell you it’s a huge and dazzling city, with amazing parks and gardens, temples, shrines, museums, art galleries, shopping centers, Michelin star awarded restaurants etc. An infinity of possibilities for a tourist lost for a few days in the world’s… Read More Hachikō – a dog’s tale